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Nissan Headlights

Nissan Custom Headlights, Nissan Projector Headlights, Angel Eye Headlights, Halo Headlights

Nissan custom projector headlights? Angel eyes? Halos? Blue light? What do all these terms mean? Let’s start with projector headlights. Projectors headlights originated in Germany about twenty years ago. It was technology taken from racing vehicles driven at night. Nissan projector headlight technology started seeing the common roads on many upper-class vehicles such as the BMW. BMW wanted to produce a headlight that would focus the light directly in front of the car instead of on the sides of the road and into the sky which standard parabolic headlights do. It was important to have the maximum amount of light in front of the vehicle when traveling at speeds over 150 kilometers/hour. Shortly thereafter, Japan borrowed the projector headlight technology from Germany and used it on a few Lexus vehicles. Now, Nissan projector headlights are used on most new vehicles (foreign and domestic) built today including many trucks and SUV’s. Projector headlights are becoming more mainstream opposed to the previous parabolic headlights used in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Again, the purpose of the projector headlight is to focus 100% of the beam of light in front of the vehicle instead of all over the highway…in areas where lighting isn’t really necessary.
Most custom Nissan projector headlights come in two flavors or colors. Colors depend on the housing of the projector headlights. One color is chrome and the other color is black. Again, these colors are the housing itself and not the front lens. The front lens is a clear, top-quality plexiglass.

Angel eyes? What’s an angel eye? The term angel eye again came from the BMW line of cars. Many of the modern BMW vehicles have an LED ring that circles the low and high beam lights. These LED rings are separate from the headlights themselves and really don’t provide much as far as lighting the road. However, they do look pretty sweet. Many of the custom aftermarket projector headlights come with either one or two angel eyes…depending on the size of the lens. Likewise, the term halo is referring to the same LED ring. Many aftermarket projector headlights come with dual halos (or angel eyes) depending on the size of the lens. These halos or angel eyes will require wiring to an alternate power source. Check out our installation of a set of 2002-2005 Ram projector headlights for our description of a projector headlight installation and halo wiring.
What’s that blue light I see on many BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles these days? Is that a projector headlight? Well, the answer to that is no. Many of the late-model Benz and BMW cars and SUV’s do have projector headlights. However, the blue light you see is from an H.I.D. lighting system.H.I.D. is High Intensity Discharge and requires a different type of bulb, ignited by a ballast. These H.I.D. bulbs burn much brighter than a stock halogen bulb, cooler than a halogen bulb and requires much less energy to light. Instead of a filament producing the light, an H.I.D. bulb produces light by creating an arc that is generated between two electrodes. The effects are truly remarkable…three times higher luminance that closely resembles natural daylight. So, the quantity of light is far greater while consuming half the energy of stock halogen bulbs. MyTightRide sells an aftermarket H.I.D. kit for many applications. questions??
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