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HID Kits

H.I.D. Kits, Zenon Headlight Kits is proud to offer HID headlight kits with slim ballasts. These new generation of ballasts are longer life and have been shown to be more robust with fewer failures.

HID Lighting Explained

We usually recommend 4300 Kelvin HID for the brightest light - I have 4300 Kelvin HID in the high beam and low beam of my projector headlights of my S-Crew. But, 6000 Kelvin & 8000 Kelvin looks pretty sweet! Just so you know, 4300k is the brightest or most powerful (measured in Lumen) and whitest (on the light color spectrum) HID you can get. 6000 Kelvin isn't as bright as 4300 Kelvin (Lumen is lower) but it starts to turn slightly blue or ice blue. 8000 Kelvin is less bright than 6000 Kelvin and it turns even more blue. Customers buy the 6000 Kelvin and 8000 Kelvin for a look versus 4300 Kelvin. They want to imitate the Escalade, BMW - Mercedes Benz HID style. It's all good because 8000 Kelvin HID is still WAY brighter than halogen. 10,000 Kelvin and higher is very blue and purplish and is very difficult to drive behind. Hard to drive when the road is blue or purple.

Most of our customers who buy aftermarket projector headlights from us also buy an HID kit. We try and sell the headlights and HID together since the projector headlights usually use a different bulb size than factory headlight bulbs. At, we offer a discount on the HID kit if the customer also buys the HID kit bundled together with his projector headlights. In the case of the customer who has HID already installed on his factory headlights, we simply replace the bulbs for him (at a nominal cost) that will work with his new aftermarket projector headlight he bought from us. The new HID bulbs usually plug right into his after market HID ballast so he doesn't have the need to purchase a whole new kit cause his existing HID kit won't work in his new headlights.

Some people think that the higher the Kelvin, the brighter the bulb. Not the case. All things being equal, 4300 Kelvin is the brightest HID available. When you start going away from 4300 Kelvin, the amount or power of light (Lumen) reduces whether you go down the spectrum (3300 Kelvin) or go up the spectrum (6000, 8000, 10,000, 12,000 or higher). Again, the higher the Kelvin doesn't mean a brighter bulb.

Kelvin comparison for HID Kits is proud to announce HID Kits. We offer many HID kits in various sizes and colors (Kelvin). If you're looking for bright light (and blue light too!), you've come to the right place! One HID kit produces 8,000 Kelvin which will result in the BMW/Mercedes Benz blue headlight color that everyone is looking for. Another available kit will produce 6,000 Kelvin. 6,000k is a crisp blueish/whitish light. 4,300 Kelvin will produce the whitest light and the highest lumens (lumens being the intensity of light).

The higher the Kelvin does NOT mean the brighter the light. Kelvin is the color of light - lumens is the measurement of the intensity of light.

4,300 Kelvin is the brightest light/color available with HID. 10,000 Kelvin and 12,000 Kelvin will step into the purplish light you may see. This color is difficult to drive behind and is not recommended for street use. Many municipalities will ticket you for this color headlights.

  High Intensity Discharge (HID) versus Halogen  
  HID Halogen
Light Source Arc Discharge Filament
Color Temp 6,000k-12,000k 3,300k
Lumens 3,200 Lumens 800 Lumens
Power Consumption 35 Watts 55 Watts
Life Span 3,200 Hours 300 Hours

Color Temperature is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin (K) that indicates the hue of light source. There is a misconception that color temperature is a rating of the brightness of the HID bulb. The truth is that the higher the color temperature, the less light output from the HID bulb.
HID Kit - High Intensity Discharge
However, all HID light is much brighter than Halogen, even if it is a 35W 12000K HID bulb, the light output still maintain well over 2700lm; which is still 300% brighter than 55W Halogen with 700lm.
HID versus Halogen - Comparison
HID lighting versus Halogen lighting

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The HID Kit includes the following:
  • Two ballasts
  • Two HID bulbs
  • Wiring harness
  • User manual
  • Warranty is one year

    HID Kit - High Intensity Discharge bulb replacement kit
    HID Kit - Click on the image to enlarge

    HID Instruction Manual Page 1 in PDF Format
    HID Instruction Manual Page 2 in PDF Format
    HID Instruction Manual Page 3 in PDF Format
    HID Instruction Manual Page 4 in PDF Format

  • This HID system generates approximately 23,000 volts. Pay extreme attention while installing or removing this unit. Prior to installation, please check if the stabilizer, igniter and the HID bulbs are in good condition. In case of damaged wires, damaged/defective ballasts, damaged terminals and exposure of any wires, please return the kit to us.
  • Do not look or stare into the HID beam or any part of the HID light. Looking into an HID light may cause eye soreness and potential permanent eye damage.
  • Do not switch on the headlights during the installation process. Do not touch the red connector on the stabilizerís power cable or you may be subjected to electrical shock.
  • Do not change or modify any components, wiring or any part of this kit. Doing so may result in damage to the kit and possible electrical damage to your vehicle.
  • The HID bulb can get very hot. Avoid all skin contact when the headlights are on. Allow the HID bulbs to cool before installing or removing the bulbs.
  • Verify and adjust the direction of the beam axis. If necessary, lower the angle of the HID beam to avoid glare that may be projected into the oncoming traffic

    In addition to our HID kits we also offer Projector Headlights and Billet Grilles for many cars, trucks and SUV's.

    We expect you to have questions about H.I.D. headlights. Please call us at (714) 956-3801 to answer your questions questions??
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