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Ford Flex 2008-2011 Billet Grille & Mesh Grille
Ford Flex 2008-2011 Billet Grille & Mesh Grille
 $455 - #54523 Upper Class Stainless Mesh Grille Insert (1 pc)
 $305 - #55523 Upper Class Stainless Mesh Bumper Grille (2 pc)
 $405 - #11523 Billet Chrome Plated Hood Vents
 $355 - #11524 Billet Machine Finish Hood Vents
 $245 - #54524 Side Vents (2 pc)

2008 2009 Ford Flex Billet & Mesh Grilles
2008-2009 Ford Flex Upper Class Stainless Mesh Grille Insert - one piece (54523)
Upper Class Stainless Mesh LOWER Bumper Grille - two piece (55523)
***Upper & Lower Grilles sold separately***
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Ford Flex Billet & Mesh Grilles
2008-2009 Ford Flex T1 Series Hood Vents Billet Chrome Plated (2 pc) (11523)
and T1 Series Hood Vents Billet Machined Finish (2 pc) (11524)

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2008-2009 Ford Flex Billet Chrome Plated Side Vents - 2 piece
2008-2009 Ford Flex Billet Chrome Plated Side Vents - 2 piece (54524)

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****PLEASE NOTE**** Ford Flex grilles are also available in ALL BLACK - please contact us for pictures and pricing at (714) 956-3801

Black powder-coated billet & mesh grilles
This is an example of the All Black Powder-Coated Grilles by T-Rex
Please call for pictures and pricing for your make and model at (714) 956-3801

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Some grilles come with a logo; most do not. If you want a logo on your new grille, you can remove the OEM logo from your old grille & add it to your new grille. This can be done with 3M double-sided tape or some logos can be bolted on. Remember, this is optional & is not necessary.

Billet & Mesh Grilles, Ford Flex 2008 2009 2010 2011 Ford Flex Billet Grills & Mesh Grills

T-REX billet grilles are the wave of the future. They combine stylish looks with functionality giving that distinctive sporty look to your Ford Flex.

Built with an emphasis on quality, fit and style, T-REX billet grilles must meet strict quality control standards. Constructed of 6063-T6 aluminum, T-REX billet grilles are carefully assembled using TIG welders to ensure clean and splatter free welds. Every T-REX billet grille has been physically installed and fitted in the shell and to the vehicle a minimum of three times. This gives T-REX the confidence that no matter who is doing the installing, the customer will be completely satisfied. By the way, all T-REX billet grilles are made in the U.S.A.

Brackets and fittings are double welded to maintain strength and long life. All mounting holes are pre-drilled. All T-REX billet grilles come with easy to read, step-by-step instructions.

More bars in each T-REX billet grille gives that high-class look. Each T-REX billet grille receives a thick layer of high-grade powder coat. As a final touch, the T-REX billet grill will receive a highly polished face.

Again, step-by-step instructions are included to allow easy, hassle free installation of your new T-REX billet grille. With T-REX, you get quality, style and prefect fit at competitive prices. With over 250 applications, T-REX is the leader in high quality manufactured aluminum billet grilles. charges one low shipping cost. So, if you plan to order more than one item, we suggest you order everything at the same time. We have hundreds of items available for your Tight Ride!! We ship worldwide including military APO & FPO boxes. If you need expedited shipping, please contact us immediately so we can try and accommodate you. Please contact us for more information or check out our FAQ page. We are located in Orange County California near Disneyland and the Anaheim Stadium. If you order during business hours, we usually ship your order the same day. Many of our items will ship from various warehouses so you may not receive your order on the same day.

Ordering is simple with You may place your order online here at our website 24 hours a day. Or, contact us at (714) 956-3801 and we will take your order over the phone. You can also text us at (714) 271-3829 or Email us with your contact information - we will contact you at our first available opportunity. If the item you've ordered is not immediately available, we will contact you with your options.

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