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Billet Grilles and Mesh Grilles - Custom Aftermarket Automotive Billet Grilles and Mesh Grilles
Custom Projector Halo Headlight Replacement Lenses
Tail Light Replacement Lenses - L.E.D. Tail Light Lenses
Custom Billet and Mesh Grilles
Custom Billet and Mesh Grilles
Custom Projector Halo Headlight Replacement Lenses
Scott O from Las Vegas, NV
and his Ford Ranger black grille
Scott O from Las Vegas, NV
and his Ford Ranger black grille
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Custom Aftermarket Billet Grill - Mesh Grill - Black Grill - Chrome Grill

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Toyota Tacoma custom Billet Grill, Mesh Grill, Black Grill and chrome grill
2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Custom Billet Grill, Mesh Grill, Chrome Grille and Black Grille
Click on the link to check out our selection of top-quality Tacoma grill

2014 Chevy Silverado Full Replacement Custom Mesh Grille by T-REX 54119 2014 Chevy Silverado Black Full Replacement Custom Mesh Grille by T-REX 51119

2014 Chevy Silverado Custom Mesh Grille
2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Mesh Grille
For the new 2014 Chevy Silverado, MyTightRide offers the T-Rex brand of top quality billet grilles, mesh grilles and black billet grilles. T-Rex is now offering their new X-Metal mesh grille with an L.E.D. light bar which will significantly brighten the road ahead as well as TIGHTEN your ride. Click on the picture above to check out our fresh line of T-Rex grilles for the newly designed Chevy Silverado.

2012, 2013 and 2014 Toyota Tacoma billet grilles, black billet grilles and mesh grilles
2012-2014 Toyota Tacoma Custom Billet & Mesh Grilles offers billet grilles, mesh grilles and black billet grilles for the 2012-2014 Toyota Tacoma. For the most part, Toyota didn't change much to the body of the Tacoma - they did change the front grille. These changes are minor, but enough to where there is a difference between the 2011 Tacoma and the 2012 Tacoma. Click on the image above to check out our selection of T-Rex billet grilles for the 2012-2014 Toyota Tacoma

2009-2014 Ford F150 Custom Billet Grille, F150 Mesh Grille, F150 Black Billet Grille
2009-2014 Ford F150 Billet Grilles, Mesh Grilles and Black Billet Grilles

For one more additional year, Ford has put out their F150 and it has proven to be a top seller among its class of trucks. The 2014 F150 didn't see a body style change, but Ford did tinker with the grille. MyTightRide offers many choices for the 2009-2014 Ford F150 including their full replacement billet grilles or mesh grilles. These F150 full replacement grilles require no drilling or cutting. You will simply remove the existing factory grille and bolt on the new custom replacement grille. Click on the image above to check out our selection of 2009-2014 F150 billet grilles, mesh grilles and black billet grilles.

Custom aftermarket billet grilles and mesh grilles add a whole new level of class to any ride. It's no secret why. The front is what gets noticed first. It has to appear strong, vital, and attractive. After all, it's the face of your vehicle. MyTightRide presents an exclusive array of billet grilles, chrome mesh grilles and full replacement grille & shells designed to impose a bold style to any car, truck, or suv. Only finely crafted billet grilles and mesh grilles are what you'll find from every top manufacturer in the business. No cheap materials, imitation brand-names, or impostor pieces. Every grille we offer is comprised of nothing but the highest quality stainless steel, billet aluminum, or chrome - promising you the permanent durability your vehicle depends on.

Transform your front end by giving it a nice touch of personalized style with a new MyTightride Billet Grilles. With dozens of styles and materials to choose from, car, SUV and truck grills give you a truly customized front end. From the burly appeal of bar billet grills for trucks to the more stately look of a mesh grille, billet grilles provide the ultimate touch of style and class to your vehicle. Plus, they're solidly crafted from the best materials in the automotive world including stainless steel, chrome and brushed aluminum. So, go on and find your perfect personalized look that lasts the tests of the road.

Audi Billet Grille BMW Billet Grille Buick Billet Grille
Cadillac Billet Grille Chevrolet Billet Grille Chrysler Billet Grille
Dodge Billet Grille Ford Billet Grille GMC Billet Grille
Honda Billet Grille Hummer Billet Grille Infiniti Billet Grille
Jeep Billet Grille Lexus Billet Grille Lincoln Billet Grille
Mini Billet Grille Nissan Billet Grille Chevy Billet Grille
Saturn Billet Grille Scion Billet Grille Toyota Billet Grille

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Chevy Impala Custom Chrome Mesh Grille and Projector Headlights
2000-2005 Chevrolet Impala Chrome Mesh Grille and Projector Halo Headlights

MyTightRide also specializes in full replacement car, SUV and truck grilles. Our full replacement grille shells are manufactured with either the billet or mesh grille already installed and come in many colors and styles. For an example, one of our featured suppliers - Paramount Restyling – offers many full replacement grilles that combine great looks with multiple choices in styles. Paramount offers full replacement chrome grille shells with a 4mm billet insert, 8mm billet insert, 2mm mesh grille insert, 3.5mm mesh grille insert or 4mm mesh grille insert. They also offer black grille shell replacements with either the billet insert or mesh grille insert. Again, these full replacement grille and shell combinations are simple to replace and require no cutting or drilling. For a full replacement truck and SUV grille and shell combination, not much work is required for installing. Many of their grilles are simple remove and replace installations. For example, the 2004-2008 Ford F150 grille requires the removal of a bunch of small bolts then the factory grille and shell comes off easily. Reverse the process with your new aftermarket replacement grille. The time it takes to install the grille for the F150 is less than 30 minutes. Many other applications are easy to remove and replace. The 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma replacement grille is another example of a trouble-free in and out installation. You simply remove two 10mm bolts and the grille just pops out. Our average install time to replace the Tacoma grille is 15 minutes. We offer many full replacement grilles for the Tacoma in both chrome or black. Full replacement grilles are usually manufactured with an ABS plastic shell and chrome plated or painted a semi-gloss black finish. ABS plastic is required for these grille shells because a metal frame would cause the grille weight too great for the front of the vehicle to handle. Most grille shells are made this way, including OEM factory grille shells, to reduce weight. Many are manufactured with a reinforced material in the shell to handle the installation of the billet or mesh grille insert.

Replacement Headlight - Projector Headlight - Custom Aftermarket Headlight - Halo Headlight
Custom Projector headlights? Angel eyes? Halos? Blue light? What do all these terms mean? Let’s start with projector headlights. Projectors headlights originated in Germany about twenty years ago. It was technology taken from racing vehicles driven at night. Projector headlight technology started seeing the common roads on many upper-class vehicles such as the BMW. BMW wanted to produce a headlight that would focus the light directly in front of the car instead of on the sides of the road and into the sky which standard parabolic headlights do. It was important to have the maximum amount of light in front of the vehicle when traveling at speeds over 150 kilometers/hour. Shortly thereafter, Japan borrowed the projector headlight technology from Germany and used it on a few Lexus vehicles. Now, projector headlights are used on most new vehicles (foreign and domestic) built today including many trucks and SUV’s. Projector headlights are becoming more mainstream opposed to the previous parabolic headlights used in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Again, the purpose of the projector headlight is to focus 100% of the beam of light in front of the vehicle instead of all over the highway…in areas where lighting isn’t really necessary.

Projector headlights will take the place of your existing OEM headlights. MyTightRide sells its projector headlights in complete sets (left and right side). And, the headlights come complete and included halogen bulbs and a wiring harness for a quick plug-n-play installation. Many of the aftermarket projector headlights will NOT use the same OEM bulb that the vehicle they’re being installed on uses. For example, the 2002 Ford F150 uses a 9007 halogen bulb from the factory; low and high beam. The aftermarket custom projector headlight uses an H3 low-beam bulb and a 9005 high-beam bulb. These bulbs are readily available from local auto parts stores if replacement is necessary. No need to replace the entire headlight housing if a bulb burns out. also carries aftermarket HID lights if you want to add a lot of brightness to your headlights. You can read more about HID conversions if you check out our HID section.

Most custom projector headlights come in two flavors or colors. Colors depend on the housing of the projector headlights. One color is chrome and the other color is black. Again, these colors are the housing itself and not the front lens. The front lens is a clear, top-quality Plexiglas.

The new generation of aftermarket projector headlights will now come with an amber side reflector. Back in May 2006, the DOT forced importers and distributors of projector headlights to ensure the headlights were DOT-compliant and street legal. Therefore, we cannot sell any projector headlight without an amber side reflector. Unless, the OEM headlight did not have a reflector like the 1999-2002 Silverado/Tahoe/Suburban headlights, the projector headlight will have an amber side reflector. The custom aftermarket Silverado headlights will not have side reflectors. Most others will.

Many of the aftermarket, custom projector headlights are one piece. That means, the OEM headlight and side (blinker) lenses will both be replaced by one projector headlight unit. Many custom aftermarket Honda projector headlights are a one-piece design and will take the place of the two piece headlight and side lens. Very TIGHT! And, there are quite a large number of replacement custom aftermarket projector headlights available for vehicles with OEM parabolic headlights. Check out or line of projector headlights to find the one that will fit on your vehicle!

Angel eyes? What’s an angel eye? The term angel eye again came from the BMW line of cars. Many of the modern BMW vehicles have an LED ring that circles the low and high beam lights. These LED rings are separate from the headlights themselves and really don’t provide much as far as lighting the road. However, they do look pretty sweet. Many of the custom aftermarket projector headlights come with either one or two angel eyes…depending on the size of the lens. Likewise, the term halo is referring to the same LED ring. Many aftermarket projector headlights come with dual halos (or angel eyes) depending on the size of the lens. These halos or angel eyes will require wiring to an alternate power source. Check out our installation of a set of 2002-2005 Ram projector headlights for our description of a projector headlight installation and halo wiring.

What’s that blue light I see on many BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles with Billet Grilles these days? Is that a projector headlight? Well, the answer to that is no. Many of the late-model Benz and BMW cars and SUV’s do have projector headlights. However, the blue light you see is from an HID lighting system.HID is High Intensity Discharge and requires a different type of bulb, ignited by a ballast. These HID bulbs burn much brighter than a stock halogen bulb, cooler than a halogen bulb and requires much less energy to light. Instead of a filament producing the light, an HID bulb produces light by creating an arc that is generated between two electrodes. The effects are truly remarkable…three times higher luminance that closely resembles natural daylight. So, the quantity of light is far greater while consuming half the energy of stock halogen bulbs. MyTightRide sells an aftermarket HID kit for many applications.

Many customers ask if they can use an HID kit with their projectors. The answer is yes, you can! However, purchase the projector headlights first, then purchase the HID kit afterward. Or, purchase them together from us at MyTightRide and we’ll make sure you get the correct HID kit for your aftermarket projector headlights. Do note, many projector headlights do not have the depth required by HID bulbs. Many projector headlights have a bar in the center of the cavity in which the bulb resides. We will verify your HID kit will work with the projector headlights you purchase from us.

Custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing Custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing Custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing Custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing Chevrolet Custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with halos - chrome housing or black housing Dodge Ram Custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing Dodge custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing GMC custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing Ford custom Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights with dual lighted halos - chrome housing or black housing
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Chevrolet Headlights Chrysler Headlights Dodge Headlights
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Ford Edge Projector Headlights

2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Angel Eye Projector Headlights

2012-2014 Toyota Tacoma Projector Headlights

LED Replacement Tail Light Lenses, Euro Replacement Taillights

2005-2014 Toyota Tacoma Custom L.E.D. Tail Light Lenses carries a huge selection of custom after market Euro and LED replacement tail light lenses found anywhere to TIGHTEN-up your car, truck, or SUV. Check out our huge selection of custom car replacement tail lights, truck tail lights, and SUV tail lights. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please call us at (714) 956-3801 and we will try and find you what you’re looking for to customize your TIGHTRIDE!!

In the market for a set of new custom automotive replacement tail light lenses? Are your OEM tail lights dull and have that aged beige haze covering them? Give the people behind something to admire by browsing's huge selection of custom after market tail lights. A brand new set of custom after market Euro or L.E.D. tail lights will set off the back of your car, truck or SUV and make your TIGHT ride stand out from all the others. carries a full line of custom after market Euro tail light lenses and L.E.D. tail light lenses for your TIGHTRIDE. All of's rear lights are affordable, easy to install and look awesome!

The easiest way to TIGHTEN your ride and make your car, truck or SUV stand out is to replace the OEM tail lights with some custom Euro back lights or L.E.D. back lights from's custom after market tail lights come with clear, smoked, or red outer lenses. Other custom tail lights come with chrome, black or carbon fiber housings. These full replacement lenses will make the back end of any car/truck/SUV vastly different and unique.'s rear tail lights will lend to a custom and aggressive edge to any car/truck/SUV and look outstanding in both the day or at night.’s custom after market lenses fit directly into the stock housing and use the existing wiring harness to make your tail light lens replacement easy and affordable. Most customer install their after market tail light lenses on their own. Feel free to contact us at (714) 956-3801 if you have any questions about installing your new after market rear lights. Many people purchase our after market tail light lenses to replace a busted tail light. Body shops and custom shops purchase their custom tail lights from as an alternative to the high-cost of buying OEM lenses from the dealer. Compare our prices with OEM dealership prices for back lights – you’ll be surprised to see how much more affordable our new custom tail light lenses are compared to factory.

To really stand out and make your car, truck or SUV look different than the others, a set of custom after market L.E.D. back lights are for you! L.E.D. or Light Emitting Diodes shine more brightly, last much longer and are more robust than normal bulbs. These are the type of tail lights that come on many new luxury cars/trucks/SUV’s and will lend an air of superiority and luxury to your TIGHTRIDE! carries the newest styles of L.E.D. tail lights. Again, L.E.D. tail lights are much brighter, last 80 times longer than conventional bulbs, and have the look found in most new luxury vehicles.

Whether you are going for a unique look or just want to replace a set of dull, aged existing lenses for some new custom tail lights, lets you shine well – day or night!

After market tail lights are a necessity to anyone who wants to add that custom look to their car, truck or SUV. Custom back lights are perfect for replacing any broken or faded factory tail lights, and give your car, truck or SUV that attractive new appearance. After market tail lights are affordable, easy to install, and replace the entire tail light housing. However, in most cases, after market tail lights utilize the factory bulbs and harnesses. Using the same dimensions as your factory back lights,’s custom tail lights are a perfect fit for your car, truck or SUV. Custom rear lights have a wide variety of styles for your TIGHTRIDE – check out our website to see the various styles and colors to choose from. Custom tail lights allow you to inexpensively change the look of your car, truck or SUV with a quick easy install. carries the largest selection of custom after market Euro and L.E.D. tail lights found anywhere to TIGHTEN-up your car, truck, or SUV. Check out our huge selection of custom car tail lights, truck tail lights, and SUV tail lights. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please call us at (714) 956-3801 and we will try and find you what you’re looking for to customize your TIGHTRIDE!!

Acura Tail Lights BMW Tail Lights Cadillac Tail Lights
Chevrolet Tail Lights Chrysler Tail Lights Dodge Tail Lights
Ford Tail Lights GMC Tail Lights Honda Tail Lights
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High Intensity Discharge - H.I.D. Kit - Xenon Bulb Replacement is proud to offer HID headlight kits with slim ballasts. These new generation of ballasts are longer life and have been shown to be more robust with fewer failures.
HID explained
We usually recommend 4300 Kelvin HID for the brightest light - I have 4300 Kelvin HID in the high beam and low beam of my projector headlights of my S-Crew. But, 6000 Kelvin & 8000 Kelvin looks pretty sweet! Just so you know, 4300k is the brightest or most powerful (measured in Lumen) and whitest (on the light color spectrum) HID you can get. 6000 Kelvin isn't as bright as 4300 Kelvin (Lumen is lower) but it starts to turn slightly blue or ice blue. 8000 Kelvin is less bright than 6000 Kelvin and it turns even more blue. Customers buy the 6000 Kelvin and 8000 Kelvin for a look versus 4300 Kelvin. They want to imitate the Cadillac Escalade, BMW - Mercedes Benz HID style. It's all good because 8000 Kelvin HID is still WAY brighter than halogen. 10,000 Kelvin and higher is very blue and purplish and is very difficult to drive behind. Hard to drive when the road is blue or purple.

Most of our customers who buy aftermarket projector headlights from us also buy an HID kit. We try and sell the headlights and HID together since the projector headlights usually use a different bulb size than factory headlight bulbs. At, we offer a discount on the HID kit if the customer also buys the HID kit bundled together with his projector headlights. In the case of the customer who has HID already installed on his factory headlights, we simply replace the bulbs for him (at a nominal cost) that will work with his new aftermarket projector headlight he bought from us. The new HID bulbs usually plug right into his after market HID ballast so he doesn't have the need to purchase a whole new kit cause his existing HID kit won't work in his new headlights.

Some people think that the higher the Kelvin, the brighter the bulb. Not the case. All things being equal, 4300 Kelvin is the brightest HID available. When you start going away from 4300 Kelvin, the amount or power of light (Lumen) reduces whether you go down the spectrum (3300 Kelvin) or go up the spectrum (6000, 8000, 10,000, 12,000 or higher). Again, the higher the Kelvin doesn't mean a brighter bulb.

Kelvin comparison for HID Kits is proud to announce HID Kits. We offer many HID kits in various sizes and colors (Kelvin). If you're looking for bright light (and blue light too!), you've come to the right place! One HID kit produces 8,000 Kelvin which will result in the BMW/Mercedes Benz blue headlight color that everyone is looking for. Another available kit will produce 6,000 Kelvin. 6,000k is a crisp blueish/whitish light. 4,300 Kelvin will produce the whitest light and the highest lumen (lumen being the intensity of light).

The higher the Kelvin does NOT mean the brighter the light. Kelvin is the color of light - lumen is the measurement of the intensity of light.

4,300 Kelvin is the brightest light/color available with HID. 10,000 Kelvin and 12,000 Kelvin will step into the purplish light you may see. This color is difficult to drive behind and is not recommended for street use. Many municipalities will ticket you for this color headlights.

We expect you to have questions about H.I.D. headlights. Please call us at (714) 956-3801 to answer your questions

Running Boards - Tube Steps - Side Steps - Black Side Steps If you’re searching for top quality running boards, stainless steel side bars and black side bars for your truck or SUV, look no further. MyTightRide offers many styles of steps for your RIDE from which to choose. We represent a number of manufacturers and importers of running boards. Take a look at our selection and you’ll see why we’re tops in our category of truck and SUV accessories. When you purchase your running board from MyTightRide, you’ll be assured that you’re dealing with a reputable company with excellent customer service and excellent pricing. If you have questions about which style to purchase or installing your new side steps, give us a call, text us or email us. We have a knowledgeable folks who specialize in running boards and all items designed to assist you with entering and exiting your vehicle a simple step. We also have available the ATS Lighted Running Boards, painted boards and the motorized AMP running boards that come standard on may high-end trucks and SUV’s. At MyTightRide, we are experts in van, truck and SUV running boards. Give us a call and chat with one of our customer service representatives. These folks are committed to make sure your buying experience is simple and economical. Do contact when you’re ready to buy. We will ask you for what style running boards or side steps you wish to purchase and your location. This way, we can ensure the best price for shipping. Again, when you’re looking for added style to your truck or SUV, check out the MyTightRide side step and running boards section for a large selection of side steps and nerf bars. If you don’t see what you like, contact us and we’ll see if we can locate what it is you need.

Questions about installation? That’s why you should buy from us...we’re here for you. You can call us at (714) 956-3801 or text us at (714) 271-3829 with your questions. In most cases, tail light installation is simple and fast. Contact us when you’re ready to install your custom parts. We can also install for you if you’re in the Anaheim, Orange County area. Just so you know, most replacement lenses are plug-n-play. Simply remove your existing tail lights, unplug the bulbs and plug in your new L.E.D. lights. Also, our lenses are complete replacements and sold in pairs. Make sure you keep your car, truck or SUV looking up to date with a set of custom taillight lenses.

Please call us at (714) 956-3801 if you're trying to find performance parts for your car. If you're in the Orange County area, stop by our shop in Anaheim. We're just down the street from Disneyland.
We gladly ship to Canada and Mexico - call us for a shipping quote. questions??
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